Business Consulting

The day job – helping you be more successful by leveraging my experience of working with a wide range of large, medium and small organisations and some excellent people to implement new business processes and capabilities.

Specialist knowledge in the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Health Care

Specialist knowledge in leveraging technology to enable business automation and process improvements, including:

  • Core business systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Online and self-service solutions
  • Mobile solutions
  • System integration
  • Planning, portfolio management and program execution
  • Tender, RFP and vendor management
  • Outsourcing and contract management

Hands-on experience of developing solutions using Microsoft, Java and Apple technologies including multi-threaded client/server applications, rich desktop and mobile clients suitable for presenting complex business models and advanced mobile applications using cloud based infrastructure including technology frameworks such as Core Data and iCloud.

Hands-on experience of implementing and integration of enterprise solutions from SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others.

Use of structured management approaches to ensure repeatable outcomes, including:

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