Backup Files

Video demonstrating the backup and restore capabilities.

Backup File Menu


Long press on the selected backup file to get the popup menu.

Creation of Backup Files

Backup files are always created using the [NSPersistentStoreCoordinator migratePersistentStore] API with NO ICLOUD options.  So always open a backup file without iCloud options.

CoreDataLibraryAppsiPhoneBackupFileMenu2Local backup files are stored in the local /Documents directory from where they should be visible in iTunes.  You can copy, delete or replace them from iTunes.

Restore from a Backup File

Backup files will be restored using the current iCloud settings. The current store will always be backed up first.  So if iCloud is currently being used then a restore will replace the current iCloud store.  This should result in the store being replaced on other devices (test this thoroughly).  You must download a file from iCloud before you can restore from it.

CoreDataLibraryAppsiPhoneBackupFileMenu3Copy Backup File to iCloud

Files will be placed in the iCloud containers /Documents directory and should be visible on other devices.  You cannot restore directly from this iCloud file unless it has been downloaded from iCloud.  The download status is indicated by the progress bar.  If it is grey the file has not been downloaded.

Devices will not automatically download backup files from the iCloud container even if they appear in the Backup File Manager.  They will be download when your restore from them or if you copy the file to the local drive.

Email backup File

You can import a backup file from email by clicking on the attachment file in the email and selecting the CoreDataLibraryStyle app.  This file will be imported into the local backups directory.

Delete backup file

Delete an iCloud backup file will delete the file in iCloud.

5 thoughts on “Backup Files

    • No, I don’t copy the .wal file. I had a lot of issues with replication and upgrades etc. when using WAL mode so disabled it. However I am sure you could get it working as long as you copy the WAL file as well.

  1. I downloaded the project but copy to icloud action didn’t work for me really well! whenever i tap “Copy to icloud” option, application crashes.

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