Swift Code

WARNING: Apple have deprecated the CoreData iCloud API’s so it is probably best to avoid using them.

See below for links to the Swift code:

Here are updated versions of the Core Data StackManager built with XCode7 and Swift 2

Feel free to send donations via PayPal to duncan.groenewald@ossh.com.au.

8 thoughts on “Swift Code

  1. Hi Duncan,
    amazing job!

    Was wondering if you ever planned a swift2 version of the app as well. In my case I would love to implement a simple local-to-icloud backup facility for my app. Being able to backup/restore/email these backups to/from iCloud.

    And, being a novice programmer, was just wondering if you have any swift 2/xcode7 version I can study and start with….

    In any case, thank you for your time and this great piece of software!

    • Meh, no plan to convert the app to Swift, lots of work little benefit. It’s easy just tedious work. I have another app waiting for iOS9 that has all the backup/restore functionality, can’t recall how much is now converted to Swift though. I would’nt be holding my breath though.

  2. Thank you for your quick answer. Will try to figure out on my own, thank you anyway. And of course will try and come back. Could you eventually be interested in being hired for any custom development on such matter in the future?

    Thanks again

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