tripSafe is a mobile app for keeping you safe on your adventures, works with iPhones and iPad (iOS 10 or above only).

With tripSafe you can:

  • create a new trip, defining start and end points and start and end times
  • invite others to join the trip
  • all participants can track and view other participants positions in near-realtime (1 minute updates) on a map
  • heads-up-display map overlay showing list of participants and important messages
  • map annotations to show participants details
  • shake for help (FHS) feature to automatically call for help – no need to try and make a phone call, we know how hard that is when you are in trouble
  • show/hide HUD
  • zoom-to-field button to zoom the map to show all participants
  • interactive list selection shows participant annotation on map

Ideal for the following:

  • paddling
  • sailing
  • racing
  • hiking
  • cycling
  • touring

tripsafe-map_hud  tripsafe-annotations
tripsafe-currenttrip  simulator-screen-shot-22-nov-2016-6-25-07-pm  tripsafe-createtrip

Please be aware that the app requires use of the phones GPS and mobile data and will result in reduced battery life.

After many years of experience in outdoor adventures the developers of tripSafe have taken advantage of the latest mobile and cloud technologies to help keep you safe.

Some additional safety tips:

  • Keep you phone in a waterproof bag and make sure it will float on the surface to maintain access with mobile networks
  • This app will not work in areas where there is no mobile network coverage, please check the local situation for your planned trip
  • Be sure to fully charge your phone prior to leaving on your trip
  • Periodically delete your completed trips (note that only the organiser can delete trips or participant tracks)
  • Test the Shake For Help feature (only available on iPhones) before you leave on your trip.


Shake For Help (SFH)

Shake the iPhone vigorously until you feel the phone vibrate 3 times in short succession.  Check your trip history for the HELP log record.

Check that your icon in the map view shows with a red circle around it.



Statistics Screen

The new statistics screen shows key statistics about the users trip, including:

  • Elapsed time
  • Distance travelled
  • Average speed
  • Current speed

tripSafe statistics view


Participant Information

Highlight the participant by selecting the name in the HUD list and display participant contact information by touching the (i) button in the popup.