SharpSki Detail Photos

Good finish, tough carbon/Kevlar construction, solid footplate and rudder construction.





Forward positioned rudder with optional down-river rudder attachment.

Narrow mid-section hull with round bottom.

Instantly recognisable, knife-like bow shape with unobtrusive nylon webbing handle molded into the deck.




Narrow tail section.

Deck bungee behind seat.

Drainage bung with breather hole in front of foot plate.

Narrow knife-like bow slices through the chop on the upwind leg.


Rudder hatch and rudder attachment detail.  4mm Allen key required.

The rudder shaft has a 2.5mm stainless rod through it which gets clamped by the steering arm.  During one training session I lost rudder control and discovered the steering arm had popped off the top of the rudder shaft.  Subsequently I ground a horizontal slot in the steering arm such that the stainless steel rod would fit into the slot and so the steering arm can no longer move up or down on the shaft.


Safety leash attachment point and venturi plug.

Recessed foot plate mounting rails.  Recess also makes a nice handle for grabbing the ski during those beach starts.

Adjustable foot plate using wing nuts.

Split foot strap arrangement.


  • that rubber GPS mount between footstraps is not included.  I have included instructions for making your own later on in this document.
  • the rudder rope shown is not the factory fitted rope. I replaced the factory rope with 3mm waxed Dyneema cord (Whitworths Marine at ~$3/m), which seems to be more resistant to fraying.  I never saw any wear on the EPIC V12 cord over 2 years, whereas the SharpSki demo boat was showing quite a bit of wear at the rudder attachment knots after just 3 months.


Side view of the foot well.  GPS mount is the foam block with a bit of blue showing.





Nylon webbing handle.

Venturi with bullet insert to reduce drag.

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