Photo Editing and Asset Management

Capture One vs Nikon Capture NX-D vs DPP4

Color difference between Nikon Capture NX-D and Capture One.  The Bottom left is the Capture One generated jpg.  Seems washed out.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 6.57.46 pm

The Nikon D850 uses a number of preset styles which are recognised by Nikons Capture NX-D and used when displaying the image.  This option can be disabled in Capture NX-D. Capture One does not recognise these preset styles and displays just the RAW image.

After using a variety of software and being frustrated with the performance of loading thumbnails and delays when making adjustments while new images are rendered I decided to see whether it was possible to develop software that dramatically improves performance in three areas:
1. Loading thumbnails from hundreds of RAW files – mine are typically around 45mb each so for a day in a game part you can easily end up with 30GB of data
2. Realtime view of adjustments when making raw and standard adjustments, like changing exposure, shadows and highlights
3. Fast loading of meta data into a database that is easy to search and filter
4. Support for CLONING – i.e. making a new version of the original RAW file with different adjustments
5. Non-destructive editing – of course
6. Fast exporting

Using the latest Apple Core Image API’s on macOS 11 this is what I came up with.