Program and Project Management Tools


iProject Screen 01iProject is a Mac and iOS program and project management tool for identifying, capturing and tracking program or project tasks and deliverables, including processes, functions and systems.  The software uses iCloud features to automatically replicate files to mobile devices so you have all you program details instantly at hand.  Once data has replicated to  a device it is available even if the network is offline.  Any changes you make will be automatically synchronised to other devices using the same iCloud account.

Primarily the software tool allows you to identify and capture these deliverables in a hierarchy structure.  This hierarchy structure allows the deliverable list or Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) to closely match the organisations actual structures.

For example, capture the organisational structure (divisions, departments, business partners, etc.) and functions within these in order to provide a framework for assessing business requirements or impacts.  Then duplicate this hierarchy and record that actual changes that will be required within each organisational entity, business process, function and system.  Now assign responsibility to project teams or individuals, set due dates for analysis, design, testing etc. and track actual progress.

You can find out more information here.

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