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iWallet is a simple application for recording, managing and accessing all your useful information in a set of hierarchical folders and documents and, if you are using Apple’s iCloud, having access to this information on any Apple device that you have.

Changes or additions you make on any device will be replicated to all your other devices and, once replicated, will continue to be available even if there is no longer any network connectivity.

You can record this information on your Apple laptop or desktop or from your iPad or iPhone. If you choose to store the iWallet files in iCloud then they will be automatically replicated to all your devices once you install the iWallet application on that device and if you are logged in to iCloud on the device.

Any changes you make will be replicated back to all devices attached to iCloud. You must close the application on each device once you are done using it in order for the changes to be replicated.  Avoid opening the same document and making edits on more than one device at the same time and make sure you have allowed enough time for any changes to be replicated.

You can record virtually any information in the Rich Text details field. Type in formatted text, copy and past from MS Word, Pages or your Browser, create simple forms using tables, insert images and scanned documents such as passports, drivers licences, lens prescriptions, invoices and so on.  Keep images to a minimum to avoid excessively large files as these will take longer to sync across your devices.

Some examples of types of information you could store in this structure include:

  • Online account details
  • Club membership details
  • Bank account details
  • Record of online purchases
  • Copies of travel documents such as
    • Air tickets
    • Accomodation bookings
    • Maps
    • Places of interest
    • Places to eat
    • Contact names
  • Insurance details
  • Favourite recipes
  • Software license details
  • Email account details
  • Internet service provider details
  • Medical records such as
    • Scanned copies of lens prescriptions
    • Contact lens prescriptions
  • Personal lists such as
    • Hiking checklists
    • Camping checklists
    • Holiday checklists
    • Shopping checklists
  • Study revision notes
  • List of favourite books
  • Book Club book reviews


And just about anything else you can think of really… Click the link on the right to access the iPhone/iPad version in App Store.

Some sample screens showing examples of a hierarchy of folders from the Mac and iPad version are shown below.

Click here for more on key features.







iPad Menu

iPhone Menu

Click here for enquiries or support.

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    • Sorry kindly read it as “For past more than couple of months i am not able to save any changes to my iWallet document. KINDLY ADVISE”

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