Great Ocean Paddle

Some thoughts on the great race put on by Peak Adventure over the weekend…

The day started off with the weather looking rather dodgy, you know typical Melbourne can’t tell what is going to happen kind of weather.  I had arranged to meet Craig Somerville, David Hunter and Robbie Savage at the Sandridge SLC and we were to drive down together and shuttle cars.

A cool south westerly was blowing with low clouds and a gloomy outlook, wind strength seemed to be around 15-20 knots threatening to strengthen.  Ideally we were hoping for a nice westerly pushing up the coast rather than from the south which would mean having to paddle across the wind and prevailing swell.

Arriving at Torquay at around 10am to find things quite busy but a few parks left in the large car park at the now rather up market Fisherman’s Beach….

Web site and Blogs

Ok, decided to investigate options for creating web sites and blogs today.  My basic requirements are as follows:

  • Static pages for creating content in a structured fashion.  Ideally using some form of menu structure.  My preference is for such a menu to be an collapsable menu on the left hand column, similar to many recent desktop and mobile applications.  Failing that the usually menu bar across the top – this is kind of limited and uses up valuable screen real estate.
  • Blogs for posting daily musings…  Any substantial content, such as reviews, guides, tutorials, examples etc. should be posted using static pages under the structured menu’s.  The Blog can just contain a link to the static page.
  • Upload and link to content such as images, video’s and documents
  • Link to other web sites
  • Allow/disallow feedback and comments on a per page basis.

For now we are trying out (free version)…