SharpSki Customisation Tips

GPS Mounting Block

I have made two additions to finish off the ski, a GPS Mount on the foot straps and a groove to grip the rudder shear pin.SS_IMG_15

Garmin 910CX attached to the GPS Mount.

GPS Mount Materials


Nylon webbing strap

  • 220mm length of 25mm wide nylon webbing
  • Fold and overlap the ends by 20mm to form a 100mm long strip
  • Pin in position and sew the overlapping ends together to form a strong joint.

Foam rubber GPS mounting block (should suit any wrist watch type training GPS)

  • Cut a 40mm square x 10mm thick foam block (blue foam in picture)
  • Cut a piece of 5mm thick foam sheet in the shape shown below
  • Glue the foam block in position using contact adhesive
  • Glue the mating Velcro strips (10 x 20mm) in position as shown using contact adhesive (one Velcro strip is glued to underside of the cut foam sheet under the scissor blade – not visible in photo)


  1. Release the foot strap Velcro and place opposite ends of the webbing strap in each foot strap under the Velcro to form a bridge for mounting the foam rubber block.



  2. Wrap the foam rubber block around the bridge formed by the webbing and match up the Velcro strips.



    You may have to make the foot straps a little bit bigger that usual to allow the GPS mounting block to be positioned away from the foot rest.  If its positioned too close then there is insufficient room to get your feet in.

Tiller Bar Shear Pin Groove


The photo above shows the grooves I cut in the steering arm.  The shear pin fits into this groove when the steering arm is clamped onto the rudder shaft and prevents the steering arm from working its way loose and popping off the top of the shaft.  This happened to me once during training and I would recommend doing something similar to make sure you don’t loose your steering during an ocean paddle.

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