Key Features

  • Unlimited hierarchy of folders and documents
  • Visually track status
  • Supports the use of formatted text, tables and images
  • Drag and Drop folders and documents to move them around
  • Copy and Paste between files and with other applications
  • Keyboard shortcuts to support rapid data entry
  • Duplicate individual document and/or entire folder structures
  • Export the complete hierarchy or selected folders in a number of different formats, including DOC, Excel XML, HTML, MS Project XML, RTFD (note that export of images is not supported in all formats)
  • Create and edit documents on the Mac, iPad or iPhone
  • Automatic scaling of images to suit device
  • Image viewer to zoom in and view image details
  • Text styles toolbar for easy formatting of text on iPad and iPhone
  • Deep search to find items with matching words
  • Store documents locally or in iCloud
  • Sharing and Text-to-Speech
Tracking Status

Tracking Status

Multiple Export Formats

Multiple Export Formats




Text to Speech

Formatted Text Styles

Formatted Text Styles


Export in Rich Text Format

iPad - Text Formatting Toolbar

Text Styles Toolbar for iPad

iPhone - Text Formatting Toolbar

Text Styles Toolbar for iPhone

6 thoughts on “Key Features

    • No, unfortunately you cannot import from an MS Project file. You would need to copy the MS Project data to MS Excel and then copy and paste it into iProject from MS Excel, however this would still require you to convert the MS Excel data to be in a compatible format before copying and pasting from MS Excel.

      I might look into importing from .mpp files if the format is published somewhere.


  1. Thanks Duncan for your response and your advise. I’ll search into the App Store if is possible with another program read it directly mpp format

    Thanks again

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