Prado GXL Fitout

Below find some images of the Prado GXL custom drawers and auxiliary battery fitting.  Thanks to Guest4WD for the auxiliary battery and recovery point fit-out.

Auxiliary Battery read connector panel – doesn’t get much neater than that.

Guest4WD Prado Aux Battery Rear Panel

Under the bonnet, notice the charger located behind the grill, apparently things get a bit hot under the bonnet.  All very neat and no sign of wiring anywhere.


Drawers with table and insert tray – only one thing to say “just order them from Drifta” because its a lot of work to make them!!

Cost under $1000 to make and around 5 days of labour! Let me know if you want a copy of the CAD drawings.  A bit fiddly to get the dimensions just right allowing for the marine carpet thickness, HDPE drawer slider thickness, etc..