Web site and Blogs

Ok, decided to investigate options for creating web sites and blogs today.  My basic requirements are as follows:

  • Static pages for creating content in a structured fashion.  Ideally using some form of menu structure.  My preference is for such a menu to be an collapsable menu on the left hand column, similar to many recent desktop and mobile applications.  Failing that the usually menu bar across the top – this is kind of limited and uses up valuable screen real estate.
  • Blogs for posting daily musings…  Any substantial content, such as reviews, guides, tutorials, examples etc. should be posted using static pages under the structured menu’s.  The Blog can just contain a link to the static page.
  • Upload and link to content such as images, video’s and documents
  • Link to other web sites
  • Allow/disallow feedback and comments on a per page basis.

For now we are trying out WordPress.com (free version)…

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